Monday, April 30, 2007

Job's DONE! Super tiring but FUN FUN FUN!

For 3 days, work starts at 7am and ends at 2am. Luckily we were also provided with rooms at Pyramid Tower Hotel. This explains the exhaustion I've been through. Nonetheless, I was always looking forward to the next day. Till the event was over, it was a GREAT SUCCESS! What a relief.

Basically I was with an event organising company, they are organising SONY TIME CONVENTION 2007. This is a convention meant for nationwide Sony dealers. I was in-charged of Level 15 of Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa where most of the events were held. Mainly the Grand ballroom and the Bravia Theatre. To top it up, this was my 1st time being involved in an event of this size. What a memorable experience. I dont mind doing it again! =)

The 1st 2 days were mostly set-up where they had different ballrooms, function rooms and business rooms transformed into SONY products showroom. (too bad I didnt have any time to take any pictures)

And the last day was the convention day. Most important of all, everything went well, smoothly. A very big thank you to PDQ(Anuar & Adelene) for their great leadership in running this event, also to all the rest of the key personnels Pei Ping(Secretariat,Solitaire,Hearts & Walkie), Melissa(1 leg kick all), the ballroom crew(Nolly, CG & Siew), Ann(Level 12 boss) & Bern(Level 10 Boss). It was great working with you guys.

At the very end, I have this thought that came into my mind. Why on EARTH am I studying Engineering? I seriously think this kinda job suits me more. But then again, I am already entering year 3. A bit more to go. Might as well finish it! Sigh...

That's about it for now. Till then . . .
Take care and God bless!

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