Thursday, April 12, 2007

I'm back! Just here to reply some tags from my tagboard. Hahahaha... What a reason to blog. Well, at least I did. Then again, SELF PRAISE = NO PRAISE! Whatever!

Alicia : Hey girl! How u doing? Its been a long time since I'd been to yours too. Hope you are doing fine as well.

Yatz : Hey man! How was test the other day? Anyway, all the best for FINALS!

baby^jen : Hey girl! I thought we were supposed to yam char? Hmm...

Anyway, I'm still comtemplating whether to continue blogging or not(more like whether do I still feel LAZY as ever). Seems that blogging brings fame and FORTUNE. Then again, it depends on who you "rub" along with. Hahahaha... What talk me? I still think the main point is how persistent I can be with this. Well, I used to be. I dont know about now but it doesnt seem to be. Hahahaha...

Here is the summary of what happened last week until today.

Friday - Went to work in the morning. Then at night is was Good Friday at church! We had a drama in church. It was nice seeing little kids singing, acting and running around. Surprisingly, they nad no STAGE FRIGHT or whatsoever. They were ever so cool and carm.

Well, the skit was about a mother hen and her 5 chicks. Their barn caught fire but the mother hen sacrificed her own life by protecting all her 5 chicks under her wings from the fire. From this, we are reminded about God's grace to us. How He put His own life on the cross for the sins that men commited. Yeah, that's basically what Good Friday is about.

Saturday - Work, work and more work. I went back to my old shop. More like they called me back to help them. My boss was in Taiwan and another guy was not working on that day. What a hectic day it was. Been running around town to collect cars, sending cars for spray painting. Imagine there were 10 or so cars with us to be done up and only 3 people working. That was how hectic it was. Managed to finished up a big project for a customer who came down from Penang to bring his "new" 3 series Beemer back home. Its nice to see the faces of satisfied and happy customers.

Sunday - The day was spent at church as it was Easter Sunday. Sadly, there were no easter eggs. After service, the church had Easter Baptism like they do every year. I was in charge of taking photos for the event. On that day, we saw about 50 people being baptised. It was CUTE looking at babies being baptised. Some were still sleeping, some were screaming their lungs out while some were just calm and steady. Then the some of the elder ones had Submersion Baptism. To top it up, it was a WET day.

Monday - Chop my hair off. I was kinda sad but then again, I had to go for the interview. Therefore I had no choice but to cut it.

Tuesday - Interview day. Everything was fine and OK. Am still waiting for the results. That would take like 3 to 4 weeks.

Wednesday - Finals began. It was Engineering Fundamentals. Thank God for examination tips. Hehe... It was GOOD! Another 3 papers to go next week then it will be a 3 weeks break! or was it 2 weeks?

Thursday - Went for another interview. This time its for a part-time job. Its a SONY event to be held in Pyramid Convention Centre. Good pay but long hours. Hope I get it. BROKE BROKE BROKE!

Well, that's about it for now I guess.
Till then, take care and God bless!

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