Sunday, May 02, 2004

Hello!! 1st of all, I would like to welcome myself back to this wonderful world of BLOGGING. Yeap, I'd been missing for quite some time. Sorry, I guess it was the "tommorrow" disease. Hehehe...

Life's been good to me so far. Thank God for that. :) Come to think of it again, it hasn't been as good as I want it to be! ARGH!! My studies! Sigh... MMU is starting their new semester on the 5th of this month and yet I have not receive a reply or what so ever from them. Does that mean I'm rejected yet again? Double sigh... Will be calling them up once this long weekend of public holidays is over. Pray for me too k? THANKS! :) Will be checking out KDU also.

Church had been fun, so so much fun to me! Saturday evenings just rock hard! WooHoo!! Those of you who have not been to the service yet, please do come! As this Saturday i.e. the 8th would be the Semi-Finals of the RLC Dream Star Contest. (something like American Idol) Come come and see them perform! And if its your 1st time in church, you would get a free CD and either a free drink or ice-cream for 3 consecutive weeks. Now how about that? Hehehe... If you need any details, TAG me or COMMENT me or MAIL me or give me a CALL and I would be so glad to help you. :)

That's about it I guess. Just for up from nap since I came back from church this morning. *TIRED* That's why I couldn't really think of what to blog i guess.

Anyway, take real good care and God bless! And till then... Ciao!

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