Thursday, May 20, 2004

Hey people!! I know its way past bed time but I will do this first. Don't know what to blog. Well, like everyone does, CRAP. Hehehe.. Nothing much happened. Had a small job opportunity but sadly, I was too late. Sigh.. Nevermind, I shall enjoy the last bit of my one year(YES! satu tahun) break before I start studying again. Hehehe... Then again, to enjoy I still need a wee bit of CASH. So, anyone who knows of a 5 days week part-time kinda job. Please do contact me. Needs it badly. Thank you. :) But I can only work till end of June. College starts on June 28th(that's if i get in).

Big day this Saturday. Those who have been wanting to come to church be it to look-see-look-see or to get back to God, this Saturday would be a good day. The DreamStar Contest Finals(RLC version of American Idol) will be on this Saturday i.e. 22nd May 2004. It would be held after the sermon. So, this Saturday, be in RLC at 3.00 p.m. SHARP!(tag me or whatever me to get the directions) Come early, enjoy the vibrant worship then the heart-piercing message and finally sit back and relax to watch the finals of the DreamStar Contest. By the way, the winner of the contest gets a handheld computer. I wish I could sing that well too! Double sigh...

That's all for today I guess.
Till then, Good night! Take care and God bless!

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