Thursday, May 13, 2004

Hello yet again! Thank God I'm still alive. *phew* Life has been a bad bad mate recently. *sigh* Was kinda like rushing to get my studies arranged and bla bla. Found out that KDU does offer the course which I wanna do (BEng in Computer Systems Engineering, Deakin University) later on, to find out that that bloody @#$%^&* course is not a recognised course. *double sigh* They claim that it will be recognised by end of this year. Nonetheless, I think I would still go for it as I'll be doing the KDU Diploma 1st for 2 years then continue in the Degree programme and when i graduate from the course, I will have to sit for an exam yet again by the Institution of Engineers, Malaysia to certify that I am a QUALIFIED engineer. Really hope all this will go SMOOTHLY. *prays hard* I am very much behind time right now as many of u know that I have already been bumming for 1 year come June 24th. LoL... Muahahaha... Trust me! That was a horrible experience, fun at first but when u get dead bored. *triple sigh* :P Anyway, any of u from KDU? C ya there on the 28th of June which is the coming intake. *hopefully*

Till then, ciao ciao! Take care and God bless!

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