Sunday, March 21, 2004

greetings from planet earth! =) sorry, sorry, so very sorry for not updating in such a long time. was "busy" okay. hehehe... life's been good to me. thank God for that. but not now coz i can't sleep! sigh... hate tossing and turning in bed so decided to get my ass up and here i am! =P

well, nothing much had happened ever since i last posted. oh yah! i applied for a Cadet Pilot post under MAS. was called to sit for their Psychomotor test on the 17th. some sort of IQ test which was okay but confusing! sigh... results will only be out in a month time to see whether do i get to go for their 2nd test. then the 3rd test and finally its the interview and then it'll be training and i'll be on my way to anywhere in the world! =) do pray for me okay? thank you very very much. thank God for giving me a chance on that too! hehe...

vibrant youth service. . . this service is just getting hotter and hotter by the weeks! all of u involved in it, give yrselves a pat on yr backs dude! *pats myself on the back* u've done a real real real good job! bringing the lost to our Lord Jesus. giving them a hope, a future and most important of all, a BEST friend. the one who knows you in and out, up and down, right and left and every move you make. none other than our very own best friend Christ the king. bring more friends ya? and if this caught yr eye and you would like to attend this service, tag me! msg me! or whatever me! i'll give you more details on it. by the way, this week was the last week for FREE Starbucks redemption. aww... sorry! hehehe... next week i.e. 27th march would be MacDonalds week. and YES! everyone will get a burger each after the service! come come and join us for this grrreat time of what we call FUN FUN FUN. =P

i believe you have to see it to believe it! so come join me and have fun! take good care! and God bless. ciao ciao!

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