Sunday, March 07, 2004

this whole week was a BLAST i would say. really had much fun! was in church almost everyday helping to clean up and do some last minute touch ups for the *new Vibrant Youth Service. and things went well, yesterday was a total BLAST-0-RAMA!! the service was grrrrrrreat! worship was good. sound was good. there was also a dance performanceby the girl and they really did well! cheers to u girls! then pastor joshua took the pulpit. well, sharing to a whole load of youths, i bet he felt young too. imagine a senior pastor wearing a cargo pants, t-shirt and a leather jacket while preaching! i call the COOL man. well, God's ways are way higher than men's ways. many new people came. seen alot of new faces. HOPE TP C YA ALL AGAIN. and if u havent got the feel of it ? come n join us! tag me or msg me k? then after service everyone attended the meeting got a FREE cuppa frappe from starbucks. yea, i mentioned STARBUCKS. starbucks ppl were in church serving us for FREE. and yes its FREE! had a good time of fellowship met many new people. the whole thing was just FUN FUN FUN and FUN!

then today, was supposed to wake up early to go for service. on duty more like it but i slept thru. hehehehe... *oops* well, went to church only at 2 for the skit meeting. we were laughing like all the way when the thing is supposed to be serious. well, we'll try not to laugh k? hehehehe... then, here i am, back home dozing off soon. ciaos people! till then, take good care and God bless!

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