Tuesday, March 02, 2004

la la la la ... =) nv update for quite sometime d. hmm... well, life's been pretty okay. just that cash flow is running low. sigh... anyone got any easy job to recommend me ? hmm.. i realised i need to work already! let's recap wat happened since the last time i blogged. hmm...

Feb 26th - went to TGIF to celebrate 2 of my frens birthday. the whole thing was fun. u know when its time for be malu-fied. yea the TGIF crew does it for u. i'm sure u've seen it before. well, had some BBQ-ed beef burger. not too bad but alot of sauce! cannot tahan. the night went pretty well. =)

Feb 28th - went to church for the last ever Young People Fellowship (youth service) before the the new Vibrant Youth Service which will be kicking off this Saturday i.e. 6th March 2004. cant wait for it man! its gonna rock so so hard ! hehehe... then at night, was at BarMed for the Grand Opening of Nitro Designs - Malaysia's Premier Airbrush Co. had much fun there seeing the cars. really cool, well if i had the money it would be much cooler! hehehe... it was organised by one of my fren. he owns the company so he had a gathering of those cars that were airbrushed by his co. there were about 20 cars. very very cool! so if anyone of u out there who wants to get yr car done, tag me or msg me! i'll try n get u a good price. they do any design! then since it was free cover (fren brought me in) went in BarMed and sat down. had a few cuppa beers while watching the Man U match. sigh... i have nothing to comment about that match. was pretty bored after the match, just sat down enjoyed beer and watching ppl dancing. was too bored! hahaha... wonder y.

and today, i just got home from Darussalam not long ago. had a yam char sessions with some chics. hehehe.. HOT CHICS did i mention? hehehe... dats about it for now i guess. catch ya all laterz! take care people! *hugs*

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