Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Hello! Welcome back! Welcome back! Hahaha... What am I saying? Hmm... How are you people doing? Well, as for me, had much fun last weekend! Went to church on Saturday for youth service. It was much fun though. Then had a meeting with our Sr Pastor regarding the youth cells and the youth service. Imagine going for a service on saturday evening, then when service is over you go down to the lounge for fellowship and you will be served with either Starbucks coffee or Swensen's ice cream. Yeap! Its all happening! Anyone of you interested for it? Contact me okay. Tag me or something. For a newcomer, you will get a coupon to be redeemed for 3 cups of Starbucks for 3 weeks that you come to church. Isn't that great? Praise God for that! And the theme for the coming months of March and April will be 'How To Spell S U C C E S S ?' So young people out there! What are you waiting for? Hehehe... ;) Later on after the meeting stayed back in church to help clean up the sanctuary because of the renovation. Stayed back till about 11 o'clock.

Then came Sunday. It was a whole new experience! The new renovated stage! It just looks grrrrrreat! =) was very very happy when I saw it. Church staffs worked until about 4 in the morning to get everything done. Praise God everything was done on time for the Sunday Service. Worship was great, the message was just awesome! =)

Monday, public holidays. A group of us all church's youths decided to go all the way down to Klang have 'bak kut teh'. Klang is ever famous for it. Met up at Peter's house at 9 and we left for Klang after that. The place was superbly pack when we reached. Sigh... Now you can see that it is FAMOUS. Waited awhile and got tables to fit everyone of us. I think there were 15 of us. At the end of the makan session, we were all filled up to brims! And guess how much it caused? only RM 7 per person. Is that cheap or what? Hahahaha.... But anyway, we didnt have to pay for it. A working brother blessed us! Thanks Lukey! Headed to Pyramid after that. They went for a bowling session. Too bad I wasn't a fan of bowling. So just sat there until I met a friend and went for 1 frame of snooker. Oh God! I suck so badly in it. Sigh... After bowling, they decided to go to the arcade and amazingly, we got to play a few round of free games. Hmm... I wonder why. As we reached, some machines just had credits in them, so all you have to do is to press the start button and there you go! Left Pyramid after that and went to a friend's house. Spent the whole day there and he decided to cook dinner for us. Had dinner sat awhile and left for home.

All in all, had so much fun the last weekend! Hope you all had too! That's about it for now I guess. Ciao! Take care!

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