Sunday, February 08, 2004

Man United 4 - 3 Everton WooHoo!! Man U roXXor!! Hahahaha.... Good match! Hehehe... Imagine Man U leading 3 - 0 in the 1st half. And at the end of the match Man U won 4 - 3. Everton is good stuff man! But still, Man U all the way baby!! Yesterday whole was nothing much but the match. Very very exciting!

Woke up this morning, saw the clock on my phone. It was almost 9.00 a.m.!! Sigh.... rushed, get changed and flew to church. Missed the worship session, reached on time when Ps. Joshua took the pulpit. Today's message was super super exciting. It was entitled 'Overcoming the Hindrance to your Vision.' This message was mainly based on the story of Abram and Lot. Why say NO to pornography and sexual sins? 1. You are delivered from deception (Genesis 13:10) 2. You are spared from the extreme cost (consequences) of sexual sins. (Proverbs 6:25-28) Then came 'You can overcome sexual sins!' 1. The one thing to do is FLEE! (1 Corinthians 6:18) 2. Choose decisively with Biblical values. (Genesis 13:11) 3. Keep building altars. (Genesis 13:18) The message was super-exciting! Really HIT me HARD in the head at times. Hahahahaha... =X

Then after service we had a meeting mainly for the worship team and the PA people. RLC is gonna set up a Vibrant Youth Service! WooHoo! Let's ROCK with Jesus! I'm so so excited about this event. The church is gonna be renovated and its gonna be great. This is to reach out to those in our generation today and draw then near or maybe to some bring them back to God. And the best thing is, the church is comtemplating whether to choose Coffee Bean or Starbucks to open a stall in church. Those of you whom are already getting excited, tag me! and I'll let you know more about this thing. By the way, the soft opening of the Vibrant Youth Service will be on the 1st Saturday of March i.e. 6th of March 2004. There's already a postcard/flyer thing out. I'll try scan it and put it up here.

That's about it I guess. Am really excited and looking forward to it. Well, be good and take good care! Till then, ciaos!

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