Tuesday, March 02, 2004

okay... those of u who are interested to come for the youth service, here are the details! do tag me or call me for more okay?

Time : 430 pm
Venue : RLC, Lot 5, Jln 51A/221, PJ (near the Naza Motors, Sato and Stamford College) -- 2nd Floor (main hall)
Dress code : Casual
Wat do u get as visitors? : Free Starbucks or Swensens ice cream for 3 consecutive weeks
(i wish i was a visitor! haha. but for this coming Saturday,everyone gets a free cup)
events this week : live music, live dance and lots more.

so, come come come. for those who have no transport, we provide shuttle service [look at for vans with RLC sign] at these places:

1. Taylor's, INTI, Metropolitan College @ 3.30pm (opposite JM Counselling Centre)
2. Monash Uni, Sunway College @ 3.50pm (outside Entrance/Field)
3. Asia Jaya LRT Station @ 3.30, 3.50, 4.10pm

>> Return trip: Lobby @ 6.45pm

Thanks angeline for this! hehe.. you'd been a blessing! hehehe... and yes!! do drop by okay? can call me if u need transport too! and in the future, we'll be a church that gather's youths like a cafe sorta thing. pastor mentioned that he'll be adding wi-fi system to the Dream Center, 2 big screens for perhaps football matches, pool and foosball tables!! all this and more in a very clean environment yup! in a church! i bet many of u wont like those smokey and smelly places rite? hehe... here's a solution! drop by! well, all praise. honor and glory belogs to God!

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