Sunday, November 23, 2008

One Third? 1/3? NOT!

Inspired by THIS...

Back then, when it was USD150/barrel, it was RM2.70/litre to us.

Now that it is USD50/barrel, shouldn't it be RM0.90/litre?

What happened to the RM1.10? Wrong pockets, I hope not...

Hmmm... I blogged! Like what she would always say. I pray that I will get more readers than her through this. LOL!

You know we love you! =P


## + Ken + ## said...

Opposition party said after calculation , it is RM1.65. But our gahmen said they wanna use the extra income for development..

pinkyping said...

lets walk and don't drive :)

haha.. nice to blog this way isn't it hahahahha

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