Monday, November 10, 2008

Nuffnang.FM - Hillarious wicked shit inside!

It has been a week since I started working in Nuffnang. This is my 2nd week and it has been really exciting!

From supporting the helpdesk(the kinda questions people ask!? sigh...) to randomly reading blogs to building campaigns to events and many many more.

Most importantly, we work as a family here in Nuffnang.

Well, back to Nuffnang.FM, we all listen to the same music in the office. And we have DJ Tim manning the music. Lately, DJ Tim seems to me quite "jiwang"(as quoted by Robb). I wonder why. Anyway, these days, he keeps spinning the same tracks over and over again and according to Hopu Tan, DJ Tim is ** the song.

So today, the song was Mungkin Nanti my Peter Pan. Everyone was singing along to the song and by the 639575 time it was repeated, we could have even danced to that song. LOL!

So curious me wanted to know the whole song instead of just singing the chorus and behold, this is what I found;


Till then, take care, God bless!

*UPDATES - DJ Tim is at it again! Mungkin Nanti is being played for the 6839583th time in the last 2 hours.


BLue said...

WOW You're having great time working in NN, keep up the good work dude ;)

Harry said...

wahlah.. nice..

Jasonmumbles said...

The right click pop up thing is fucking annoying. Seriously, fucking fuckingly annoying.

On another note, hope you enjoy your internship/work in Nuffnang.

wEtwEtwAtEr said...

nath : thanks! =)

harry : LOL wtf lyrics!

jason : ahahaha... i know. i'm damn lazy to remove it. :P

Simon Seow said...

Die lah you, you call Yee Hou, Hopu Tan.

reena said...

Woah! Mungkin Nanti? Haha.So funny la u guys.

blue_racoon said...

tim's been bitten by the love bug? :p

John said...

Great to hear you having a hilarious, wicked and shitty time in Nuffnang :D

By the way, you have been TAGGED!

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