Monday, May 31, 2004

Hey peeps!! Long time no see! Hehehe... Been kinda busy lately, running up and down being a driver for my brother and my mum. Sigh... Well, about me, there's good news and bad news! I shall begin with the BAD news, went to KDU with my mum the other day. This time, we spoke to the a lecturer instead of the counsellor who obviously didn't know much stuff. The lecturer told us that the intake for my course is only in the end of August. Double sigh... As mentioned previously, I was supposed to start end of June, that intake was for those joining straight from SPM. As for me, I did A levels and I have exemption of the 1st semester. Thank God! Then come the good news. MAS finally called up and YES! I passed the 1st test and I'll be going for my 2nd test on the 1st of June. If I manage to get through the 2nd test then I will go for an interview and off the the flying academy. When I was in church today, spoke to John Reggy about flying(he studies in the Malaysian Flying Acedemy in Malacca privately) and apparently he mentioned that MAS will not send their recruits there but MAS cadets are to be sent to Adelaide for training. Isn't that awesome? The best part is, the training fee is beared by MAS(that's if u get in) and trainees will also get daily allowance from MAS. Muahahaha... Praise God for that! Pray for me too okay? Pray real HARD! Hehehe.. Thank you very very much!

Anyway, I just got home from church. Had an event in church just now. It was Pastor Joshua and Pastor Carey's 20th anniversary. By the way, they are my church's senior pastor. Their whole family was dressed in bridal suits and gowns. Surely thet looked real good today. Then, their wedding vow was re-affirmed. They also showed a video about their life with pics of little Joshua and Carey when they were still babies. Cute! Hehehe... Here's a pic of Pastor Joshua and family.

Pastor Joshua, Pastor Carey and their daughters.

Then some of the youths also gathered after the event and took a pic. Too bad I was busy then and I didn't get to join them. Triple sigh...

Some of the youths of Renewal Lutheran Church

That's all for now folks! Till then, take real good care and God bless!

Thursday, May 20, 2004

Hey people!! I know its way past bed time but I will do this first. Don't know what to blog. Well, like everyone does, CRAP. Hehehe.. Nothing much happened. Had a small job opportunity but sadly, I was too late. Sigh.. Nevermind, I shall enjoy the last bit of my one year(YES! satu tahun) break before I start studying again. Hehehe... Then again, to enjoy I still need a wee bit of CASH. So, anyone who knows of a 5 days week part-time kinda job. Please do contact me. Needs it badly. Thank you. :) But I can only work till end of June. College starts on June 28th(that's if i get in).

Big day this Saturday. Those who have been wanting to come to church be it to look-see-look-see or to get back to God, this Saturday would be a good day. The DreamStar Contest Finals(RLC version of American Idol) will be on this Saturday i.e. 22nd May 2004. It would be held after the sermon. So, this Saturday, be in RLC at 3.00 p.m. SHARP!(tag me or whatever me to get the directions) Come early, enjoy the vibrant worship then the heart-piercing message and finally sit back and relax to watch the finals of the DreamStar Contest. By the way, the winner of the contest gets a handheld computer. I wish I could sing that well too! Double sigh...

That's all for today I guess.
Till then, Good night! Take care and God bless!

Sunday, May 16, 2004

Hey again people! Posting kinda frequent now. Hehehe... Got hooked back onto blogging I guess. Hmm... Had real fun in church today. Uncle Chris Gaborit(as quoted by Ps. Joshua) from down under preached the word of God on The Power Of One. How one can actually change things. Very interesting preacher with a prophetic gift. An interesting man who said that happiness don't come from things. Was talking about that when he mentioned he owns a Porsche 911 Turbo Convertible and a 30 feet long yacht and well, it didn't really make him happy. But what makes him happy is knowing that God loves and cares for him. The message touched me in some ways. Praise God!!

Oh yeah!! I really can't explain this. This surely is one good good good good news! Too good it can't be explained. Planet Shakers NSW(if I'm not mistaken) visited Malaysia last month and had night rallies and a huge concert. Guess WHAT? Planet Shakers is coming to RLC in August. YES!! You got it right Renewal Lutheran Church, PEtaling Jaya, Selangor, West Malaysia. Woo Hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait for it to happen! God is all the time good. I assure you that! *grins*

Well, way past midnight now and I have to go to church later in the morning to be on duty and to attend 2 other different sermons by Uncle Chris Gaborit. :)

Till then, Take care! God bless! Ciaos! :P

Thursday, May 13, 2004

Hello yet again! Thank God I'm still alive. *phew* Life has been a bad bad mate recently. *sigh* Was kinda like rushing to get my studies arranged and bla bla. Found out that KDU does offer the course which I wanna do (BEng in Computer Systems Engineering, Deakin University) later on, to find out that that bloody @#$%^&* course is not a recognised course. *double sigh* They claim that it will be recognised by end of this year. Nonetheless, I think I would still go for it as I'll be doing the KDU Diploma 1st for 2 years then continue in the Degree programme and when i graduate from the course, I will have to sit for an exam yet again by the Institution of Engineers, Malaysia to certify that I am a QUALIFIED engineer. Really hope all this will go SMOOTHLY. *prays hard* I am very much behind time right now as many of u know that I have already been bumming for 1 year come June 24th. LoL... Muahahaha... Trust me! That was a horrible experience, fun at first but when u get dead bored. *triple sigh* :P Anyway, any of u from KDU? C ya there on the 28th of June which is the coming intake. *hopefully*

Till then, ciao ciao! Take care and God bless!

Sunday, May 02, 2004

Hello!! 1st of all, I would like to welcome myself back to this wonderful world of BLOGGING. Yeap, I'd been missing for quite some time. Sorry, I guess it was the "tommorrow" disease. Hehehe...

Life's been good to me so far. Thank God for that. :) Come to think of it again, it hasn't been as good as I want it to be! ARGH!! My studies! Sigh... MMU is starting their new semester on the 5th of this month and yet I have not receive a reply or what so ever from them. Does that mean I'm rejected yet again? Double sigh... Will be calling them up once this long weekend of public holidays is over. Pray for me too k? THANKS! :) Will be checking out KDU also.

Church had been fun, so so much fun to me! Saturday evenings just rock hard! WooHoo!! Those of you who have not been to the service yet, please do come! As this Saturday i.e. the 8th would be the Semi-Finals of the RLC Dream Star Contest. (something like American Idol) Come come and see them perform! And if its your 1st time in church, you would get a free CD and either a free drink or ice-cream for 3 consecutive weeks. Now how about that? Hehehe... If you need any details, TAG me or COMMENT me or MAIL me or give me a CALL and I would be so glad to help you. :)

That's about it I guess. Just for up from nap since I came back from church this morning. *TIRED* That's why I couldn't really think of what to blog i guess.

Anyway, take real good care and God bless! And till then... Ciao!

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