Saturday, January 24, 2004

hellos!! GONG XI FA CAI! angpau? hehehe... how issit the year of monkey so far? hope its just good to u. to me, nothing much. no significant diff. LoL... was back at hometown(seremban) since eve. just got home today. collected quite a number of angpaus but it isnt like wat i expected, FAT ones but wat the heck! money still. hehehe... THANKS everyone.

well, as usual during CNY its all about visitation, where u go visit friends and relatives like once a year? dats during CNY. hehehe... and during visitation all u do is just eat eat eat n EAT! yes EAT! sigh... had been eating non stop for the past few days. LoL... anyone care to join me for jogging sessions after CNY? tag me! hahaha... LoL..

hmm.. i dont know what else to write. enjoy yr CNY! collect more angpaus! fat ones! hehehe... dont eat too much! sigh... take care n God bless. hehehe... *winks*

Tuesday, January 13, 2004

sigh.. its been 16545687633595838 years since i last blogged. walaa! i'm back. anybody missed me? i doubt it. hahahaha... well, life had been okay i guess. didn't do much. actually cleaned up my room. buahahaha... checked out some colleges where i can get my @$$ to with my yucky results. either INTI or KDU. well, it all depends on my application to MMU also. they're supposed to get back to me by end of this month. *prays hard*

hmm... visited my fren's shoppe in sunway doing airbrush. GosH that place is cool man. i wish i could do up my car too. maybe put a pic of myself on the car. hahaha... do drop by at Nitro Designs at sunway. for further details, tag me! those of you who wants to do up yr car e.g. air brush, bodykits. and also RC cars enthusiasts. they have a place for that too!

well, that's about it i guess. just hoping that i would get my @$$ back to studies soon and not rot at home, going out n wasting money. sigh sigh sigh... anyways take care! and God bless.

Thursday, January 08, 2004

lalala... hellos again! sigh... feeling sick-ish. dunno why. had been coughing badly for the past few days. hmm... if you did notice, i already striked out my working thing in my about me section. yea! was feeling sick today so called up the office n told them i was sick. then later i decided to call up my boss n tell him i wanna stop work coz i wanna catch up with my studies so yea, i stopped working already. hehehe...

next phase of my life, STUDIES. arGh!!! hehehe... talking about studies, its quite saddening actually. my sucky A levels results couldnt qualify me to study anything. sigh... except some business courses at Help Institute instead of engineering which i always wanna do. so i guess now i haf to do my pre-U all over again or maybe go check out the colleges and see whether are they kind enough to give me conditional offers. sigh sigh sigh... y was i so so lazy? LoL... if not then study BUSINESS? what the . . . ? ? ? something i always hated but then again, do i have a choice? NO!!!

sigh... i'm going through a stage of depression i guess. damn stressed up thinking bout these stuffs. that's a reason i quit my job also. can't take it anymore! arGh!!! nvm nvm i'll be fine. i hope. hehehe... take cares all! *grins*

Monday, January 05, 2004

hellos 2004!! let's just keep this short and sweet. i am late actually. hehehe... anyways, just wanted to with u people happy belated new year! goodbye 2003, hello 2004!! *winks* may this year be a good and wonderful one which runs smoothly without any hitches at all. *prays hard* hehehehe... yea.. that's just about it.

new year's eve. bid goodbye to 2003 at port dickson. had a bbq by the beach. we were late though. we reached just in time to say hello to 2004 and there after started the fire n began cooking. hehehe.. it was a last minute planned thing though. anyway, it wasn't too bad. had loads of fun there. but unfortunately that place was infested with a group of idiots! sigh... idiots and their noisy bikes mostly malays and indians. they were making hella alot of noise. sigh... no peace at all. left that place at 5+ in the morning. reached back kl at around 7. and slept half a day of the brand new year. LoL... had much fun though. hmm... but then this new year hasnt shown me any signs of goodness yet. hahaha... nevermind. i shall be waiting patiently or should i say anxciously. LoL =)

anyways, take care people and happy new year!! *winks*

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