Friday, December 26, 2008

Will The Real Wussy Please Stand Up?

The sucker is back again! How LAME could he be? No comments..




And you even spammed my girlfriend's chatbox?

If there is anything you are not happy about, we'll talk about it. This a wussy way of playing someone. Grab your balls from the safe and get off the keyboard. Life is much more than staying behind the LCD Monitor.

Anyone know if it is possible to trace IPs? Then again, it is dynamic. It changes. Not worth my time. Sigh.. God bless you, whoever you are! May you learn to experience God's everlasting love for you so that you will not be so miserable again.

Take care peeps! God bless you guys too!


Sue Me said...

Who gives a shit about a loser like that? By the way.. the IP add is from PJ area. Must be a local who thinks Hawaii Mcd is awesome. So I tried Hawaii Mcd before to judge. bloody fool spam my cbox..

John said...

Sick bastard. Just ignore him lah. Attention-seeking idiots.

God will take care of him. VENGEANCE IS MINE, sayeth the Lord.

Acey Tang said...

Why lah you always kena sabo one?

Seizhin said...

Wow, looks like you're invaded with a stalker :) Be glad, you're popular.

Haha, Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

dont bother la.. some ppl too free to do all these. =P

yeah, the IP always changes - no point.

take care! =)

wEtwEtwAtEr said...

sue - forget about it la. no point.

john - yea.. ignoring them and for sure i have His strength.

acey - how i know? maybe too long din eat babi liao. LOL!

seizhin - popular? LOL! thanks bro! happy new year to you too!

kenwooi - memang no point. sigh.. dont care la. =)

sabahking said...

bastard... !! some people are too free to do this type of things !!

w3 said...

sabahking - yea man.. what to do? sigh..

Simon Seow said...

This means you're getting more popular. lol

Ruionkoh said...

when you are getting enemies, you know you are becoming more successful LOL
let em

JunJun-Riko said...

hey!!! i so feel for u man... i also got these kind of ppl on my trail la.. but then i know who are they. i knwo which gang la. so what they said bout me, i don really care, coz theyt hemselve also do it n they're hypocrits n have no rights to talk bout me at all. u know? the way malaysian say, "u tidak layak". XDXD

btw, i saw an old post from copykate. she published out the fella's ip add n info. somehow i think it scared of the pussy liao ler. maybe u can try??? i know i will if it continues. XDXD

all the best ar.. n stop calling me jie jie for goodness sake. hope u n i sama sama kena bomb kau kau, n hope the person who bomb us kena nuclear. XDXDXDXD wakakakakaka..

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