Thursday, December 18, 2008

It was COMPLICATED but its all GOOD now. *hearts*

Hennessy Artistry at Orange. It all began from there. I was a bit late but I still had to wait for you and your bestie that means I was not late.

Headed down to Orange, got stuck in a MASSIVE traffic jam, listened to you rant and talk non stop in the car. We reached Orange, then it was the rat incident. LOL! We were in finally, you got to see your idol and you even took a picture with him. The smile on your face is still playing in my head. The amount of joy and happiness displayed on your face was just too much.

We left and headed to Gossip at Asia Cafe. Again you met one of your idols and you got a picture with her. That same smile was beaming on your face. I can never forget that smile now. It was all GOOD. We then sat down for supper and then I fetched you home. All that was playing in my mind that night was the beaming smile on your face. I bet you were the happiest girl alive that night.

Fast forward a few days, a few weeks and a few months. After many makan, movie and random outings and meet ups. Much phone calls and SMSs exchanged. Not to forget food review sessions. We are attached now. I am so glad it happened. Today is the 1st month. Just wanna let you know that I have made the right choice and I do not see myself changing my mind anytime soon.

Happy 1st month! I miss you! Love you! =)


Sue Me said...

Stupid boyfriend. I just cried. Damn it..

Happy Anniversary 20 cents! Love you damn a lot too *hugs*

wEtwEtwAtEr said...

Aiyaks.. Sorry.. I'm GOOD.. LOL

Love you too truck loads! =P

tZeLih said...


SJ said...

well well... :)

John said...

HEY! Congrats bro! I'm very happy for you :)

J@s0n said...

haha...rupa2nya ini macam.....know i knows...hahaha...anyway, congrats to u n ur the other half..

email2me said...

What 20 cents gotta do in this event?

Sue Me said...

hey j@son, thanks for the comment and thanks :)

Missyve said...

*slaps kelvin*


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