Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Some happenings I just thought of in the past few weeks. Hahaha.. Sorry.. Slow mind. Anyway, I had seafood dinner in Teluk Gong, Klang for 2 consecutive weeks. 1st last last Sunday where we were supposed to go with Ps. Elisa and some church staffs but that was postponed because of the passing of Uncle Yap Tim. *condolences to the Yap family. I pray that God, You will help them endure their lives from now on and You will give them the peace that they need to go on* Therefore, Ps Elisa couldn't make it for the dinner so a bunch of us youth went ahead for the dinner because the table was already booked. Had about 10 dishes of whatever seafood for only RM270 for 16pax. Ain't that cheap or what ? We also had a round of Todi & Guiness Stout with the dinner. *yum* Then we headed down to Francis' place for another round of boozing. almost everyone left his house with blood red faces. Hahaha... Grac couldn't find the door knob and Lydia wanted to cha-cha with Mr. Naidu. LoL!

Then yesterday, we went down to Klang again to the same place but this time together with Ps Joshua and family, Ps Elisa and a few church staffs and a few of us youths. This time there were 2 tables and all of us ate our hearts out again. Hahaha... It was fun seeing Lydia Yee eating crabs. Hahahahaha... After dinner, we had 2 choices for dessert, "Tong Yuen" or Starbucks. Too bad Tong Yuen doesn't open on Sunday night. So we headed to Starbucks in Klang Parade. I had a Green Tea Frappe which has been my fav in Starbucks. Laughed our hearts out in Starbucks cracking endless jokes together with Ps Elisa and some church staffs. We decided to call it a day at 12.00 a.m. Reached home about 1/2 hour later and collapsed on my bed.

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