Sunday, June 05, 2005

Not much happenings in the past week. Got back some of my mid-term results, everyone of them were a-OKAY! Thank God! Do better, I still have to. Sigh... Study harder, I definitely will. Hahaha.. This Yoda speech is getting into everyone. Watch Star Wars, I haven't. Star Wars fan, I'm NOT!

Come to think of it, really did nothing in the whole week. Went straight home after college everyday. Such a GOOD boy, I am. Hahaha.. Went to Cash Converters in Tmn Megah on Friday during break. Saw some stuffs there that I want. Saw a Seiko Kinetic watch for about 200 buckeroos. Looks good from the outside, then again its used stuff. They have a 30 days guarantee though. See how things go la. Then went back to college for class and the lecturer wasn't even in college. Sigh.. Wasted half a day doing nothing. Went home with a friend and we decided to go halfcut hunting. Brought him to a halfcut shop near my place since he wanted to source for a part for his car. Saw something nice for my Kancil. Doubt I will have the budget for it though. Anyway, its just a dream. "The poorest person in the world is not a person without money but without DREAMS. -Ps Joshua Yee-" Back to that, its a halfcut that I saw. An L502s halfcut from Japan. Its a turbocharged 660cc 4-cylinders DOHC engine. That cut cost around 3k plus installation. Hahaha.. Like I said, its just a dream!!

Went to church yesterday for Youth Service, not many ppl coz of the school holidays, everyone went for vacation already. Then went for dinner with parents and went home. Slept at 10 p.m. last night. Record!! Hahaha.. Then went to church for service this morning, like yesterday, there weren't as many ppl as it used to be because of holidays. Played heart attack with Lydia, Joy, Wei Shin and Hui Yii. Had much fun and were laughing like MAD in the dream center. Then after that, went for lunch, came home and slept! Till roundabout now.

Gave myself a false alarm, thought I have a paper tommorrow but actually its only next week. Sigh.. So here I am, online, chatting and not studying. Hahaha..

Till then, take care and God bless! Ciao!

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