Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Hey people ! Just started classes today after a pathetic week of break. Parents are still in Aussie, will be back tommorrow night. Well, got back one of my 1st test results today and AMAZINGLY, a paper which I'm not very sure about, i scored 35/50. That's not bad at all! Hahaha... For my standards at least. Cleaned up the house today before my parents come back tommorrow. If not I'll definitely be dead meat!!

Sigh.. Another long day tommorrow in college. Classes begin at 9.00 am, ends at 1.00 pm. But, too bad I will still have to stay back in college to finish up my Audio Amplifier Project. Well, I guess its time to hit the sacks! Double sighs . . . I hate morning classes. I hate traffic jams!! Argh!!!

Anyway, till then, take real good care and God bless !!

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