Friday, November 12, 2004

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Hey people !! Its been donkey years since I last posted and yet the counter keeps growing. I wonder why? Anyway, a very very very BIG thank you to all those who actually took time to visit me blog. Hehehe.. And to those who is waiting anxiously for a new post(as if there are) here it is! College SUCKS! Assignments, studies, assignments, exams and more assignments! Argh!!! I hate COLLEGE. Hate Hate Hatred Hate!! Hahaha.. *phew* What a relieve.. But college still suck suck suck! Anyway, MAS is back recruiting cadet pilots and I'm so gonna re-apply. At least i dont have to study so hard. Muahahaha.. More like something I'm interested in rather than communication stuffs where u learn about antennas. What the #@$%^&? Hehehe... Pray for me while i re-apply for the post. Thank you very very much.

The Blogging Bug has been affecting alot of people lately. I was affected by it like end of last year. But the effects of it is like fading. Hahaha... You can see it by the number of recent posts. LoL... Hmm... Come to think of it, is it the Blogging Bug that's affecting people or the S-to the-I-to the-E-to the-N(SIEN) Bug. LoL... I guess so ? =P Anyway, all those who are new to the blogging world welcome welcome on board! Really hope the spirit of blogging last forever and not fade off like what's happening to me now. Hahahahahaha....

That's all I have in mind for now folks!
Take real good care and God bless!

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