Friday, November 19, 2004

Hello!! Got back from camp on Wednesday. Overall, it was fun fun fun so so much FUN!! Blogging about it makes me miss camp so much. The hotel was pretty okay, after all the room is just for us to put our bags, bath and some lil naps here and there. Nothing much to complain about anyway. Well, hotel food sucked big time! They weren't fresh at all, everysay almost the same thing and the best part is they were tasteless!! Sigh.. Thank God for good food in Melaka. Chicken rice balls was GOOD! *2 thumbs up!* Satay celup was a good one too! *1 and a half thumbs up(a bit costly)* That's about all the good food we had. Sigh.. couldn't find the fried oyster! Argh!! Why didn't my dad follow. Sigh sigh.. I'm starting to miss camp already. Hehe.. Looking forward for the next youth camp. Oh yah! Before that, Baguio, Philippines!! March 2005.

Just got back from college. Had my maths midterm. Sucky!! Hopefully I can score have the full marks, that will be good enough. Hehe.. Very tired, waiting for lunch to come home will hit the sacks after that!! Till then, ciao !!

Take good care and God bless !!

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