Friday, October 31, 2003

what a day today... in the office now and will be heading home later because i forgot to bring back a document for my mum to sign. sigh... pj all the way to puchong then back to pj just for a signature. lol... well, its still too early to say anything about today. :P

last nite... came home from office was stucked in the stupid jam for 1 hour. sigh... thanks to the broken pipe alone jalan puchong. headed straight to the basketball cum mamak outside my house where almost all the #al-ehsan/#hangout-ians were there playing ball. later that night, went down to atria to collect my network card under warranty after 6 freaking months! sigh... well, then were supposed to join #hangout-ians for a yam char session in jj corner ss2 but not many people went so i headed to church to meet up with my friend and we ended up in gazebo. sat for awhile before it was raining cats and dogs! stuck there for quite sometime. reached home at about 1 a.m. talked to her for almost an hour then we both decided to go to bed. i was kinda tiired too plus the nice cozy weather to sleep. hehe... that was the end of my not so complicated wednesday night. :)

cheerz!!! :P

Thursday, October 30, 2003

You are DORY!
What Finding Nemo Character are You?

brought to you by Quizilla

just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming, swimming... =P
p. sherman. 42 wallaby way, sydney!
hmm... i don't think i'm as forgetful as her though. lol... anyway, got this from lola's site. =)

hmm... wat about today? yesterday i mean. hehe... well had a normal dat at work feeling sleepy and bla bla.. till they asked me to get to carrefour to buy a stand fan because the air con at one of the office was in a TOTAL LOST condition. lol... so sleepy me drove all the way to carrefour subang to buy a stand fan. claimed back my petrol money, 40 cents for 1 km and i got back 8 bucks for travelling 20 km. quite worth it. hehe... got quite alot untung summore i drive only a kancil. economical. lol... can make small business also maybe. haha...
headed to my aunty's house after work to help my dad carry the 29' tv my uncle gave us. well he got a new TV in his room and the moment i stepped into his room i was stoned! he bought a new 40' flat panel panasonic tv with a sony dvd hi-fi. fuyoh.. how i wish i had that set in my room. lol.. anyway so kind of him to give us the tv. the old tv in my house is like almost 13 years old and still functioning properly.
well... gonna pig now. just finish talking to her and i'm heading to bed soon after i post this.

tracy : help? i will dun worry. . . hehehe . . .
michelle : hehe... ya wor... i see everyone blog i also blog ler.. =P for fun...
rowee : yours is nicer ler... *winks*
`JoLyNe : mummy dearest ! thanks for all your help. without you, this will look like shit wif the lubang there. hehehe... *muaks*

p.s. oh yah.. when u all surf in my blog can u still see the small lubang with the blogspot ad up there ? issit fully covered? tag it please. thanks !

cheers peoples !! :P

Wednesday, October 29, 2003

hellos !! normal boring day today.. fell asleep at work.. LoL.. then had a game of badminton in church after work. headed to gazebo for a quick drink and now here i am. =P

sorry for the inconvinience caused. that template had some problems.. trying to solve them wif my mummy.. *muaks*
my mummy roXxor !!! LoL..

missin ya !! =x

Tuesday, October 28, 2003

You are Psalms
You are Psalms.

Which book of the Bible are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

muahaha... me is HOLY !! hehe.. i 'm always a holy n God-fearing person. =P well that result is more or less about me.. =) quite true huh? LoL..

after a hectic day at work, met up with a fren for a yam char session which lead to a dinner session at Gazebo ss15. crapped there for quite awhile then another 3 frens joined us. well was there till like 12.00 a.m. and shot home. and as usual, got screwed!! LoL.. nothing new.. hehe.. anyways just bathed gonna sleep now hoping that tomorrow will be a good day. :)

p.s. a very big thankyou to my mummy dearest `JoLyNe !! she made the changes for me.. *muaks* do visit her site k?
oh yah.. did i mention she's HOT !! *ouch* :P

Monday, October 27, 2003

hmm... boring day...

been online since morning.. till stpid stimmyx went down for some time just now. BaH!! nothing new. hahaha... nothing much to do in the office. listening to my mp3s and a bit of chatting and also not forgetting walking arond in the office when i'm about to fall asleep. LoL..

hahahaha.... =P

p/s : any comments on my site ? tag it.. hehehe..

hey ! this is my 1st post.. i hope i will have the determination to stay on. LoL.. anyways i'm at work now. boring boring !! everyone is at a meeting n i'm here ONLINE ! LoL..

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